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Welcome to the website. People work with me to get more customers, sales and profits.
I am a professional speaker, author and consultant.


The one-minute version of Robert Craven's Professional Speaker Showreel.

Robert On Marketing

The world of marketing has changed!!! Where to start?
Are businesses immune to your approach?
Interview by Sticky Marketing.


So what does the audience think?

Robert's Business Tips

Tip Number 1: Put up your prices...

Customer Is King Book

New revamped Customer Is King launched in November.
With a foreword by Sir Richard Branson.

Previous Clients:

Previous Clients



David And Goliath
Small business strengths.
The 80:20 Rule
Make it work for you
Lousy Customers
What you should do...

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Inspirational, innovative and passionate. Robert manages to combine good common sense information on business with a light and humorous approach. Nobody falls asleep when Robert is on his feet. I've always enjoyed working with him. Denis Palmer