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Grow Your Service Firm


Chapter Titles

  • Service firms – are they any different? What are the common pains?
  • Got stuck?
  • How to get ahead of the competition
  • Why should people bother to buy from you? (WSPB2BFY?)
  • Why doesn’t (traditional) marketing work?
  • The Expert! model; Steps to becoming an expert
  • The marketing pack
  • Identifying the most effective sales method
  • The ads don’t work - WOMM
  • One-minute brand test
  • The law of the vital few - sacking the scum!
  • The long tail
  • Sell by the hour, product or by value
  • Put up the prices
  • Gold, silver, bronze...
  • Death Valley
  • A fast and effective planning process
  • 21st century PFS 2010
  • Client fundamentals
  • Why you are not paid what you are worth
  • Stop being so boring      
  • Eat that frog      
  • Systems: before/after the sale
  • You are your diary
  • Free is free: Expensive is the new free
  • Fish where the fish are
  • How to lose clients without really trying
  • You don’t get sued for crappy performance!
  • DIY – can you do this on your own?
  • Can’t sell, won’t sell
  • An experiment in successful sales copy
  • Too much in love with your own product?

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Inspirational, innovative and passionate. Robert manages to combine good common sense information on business with a light and humorous approach. Nobody falls asleep when Robert is on his feet. I've always enjoyed working with him. Denis Palmer