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Reviews and Testimonials

Testimonials of Grow Your Service Firm

"Robert... transforms your plans for the business into actions."
Sir Richard Branson

"Robert’s recent book Grow Your Service Firm contains a ton of practical advice for service professionals on how to build an expertise based business."
Ian Brodie,

“This book takes you back to basics then helps you build the success you want and your clients need.”
Robert Ashton, author, Checklists For Entrepreneurs

"Whatever service you provide, “Grow Your Service Firm" will help you do just that; grow your service firm!"  
Eilidh Milnes, author, Confidence: The Seven Keys To Your Happiness

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"In a world of predatory competition, overwhelming pressures and a plethora of gurus assuring you they have the answer, entrepreneurs and business professionals are bewildered by choice. So many ways to be successful, to grow your business, to be the next big thing. Such choice can lead to stagnation, overload, confusion and frustration.  You've got to choose your guru or mentor carefully. One who can charter the muddy waters of business and show you clearly the way you should go. One who will hold your hand while kicking your backside. One who has travelled your path, felt your pain and succeeded anyway. Only Robert Craven fits that role. With his forthright approach, his uncanny ability to cut through to the heart of a problem, and his uniquely brilliant view of the world of business, he truly understands the heart of the service professional. He can make you rich and famous, and he can make your business profitable and fun. I love this book as because it's all of Robert's best stuff in a 4 hour read. A mini-MBA for people like us, Robert makes the many choices become one. Make this THE book you read this month to get you wherever you want to go in life and business!"
Rob Brown, author, How To Build Your Reputation

"There are so many great ideas, tips and strategies contained within theses pages. As a service provider myself I'm going to be reading and re-reading this book over and over again ... I can see it becoming my bible."
Rob Warlow, author, Loan Sharp: Get The Business Finance You Deserve

"Grow Your Service Firm pulls together practical advice that any business owner can use straight out of the book.

We've used the book to prepare and execute our 2012 sales & marketing plan and we're already getting good results. Our blog is charting progress, if you are interested...

What the book does for us is it allows us to focus on what is working for other businesses. It stops us making the mistakes that other businesses have already made, learning from them and using what they have found to work. That is completely invaluable to any business owner!"

Simon West, Managing Director - Nett-Sales

"Robert Craven has written a comprehensive and highly accessible guide to marketing for professional services firms. This is ideal for the owner of a small firm who doesn't have the time to master every potential route to market in depth but needs practical and easy to apply advice at his or her fingertips."
Andy Lopata, author, ...And Death Came Third

"Robert has a special gift to be able to inject smart, shrewd, sensible tips that business owners can employ to enhance their businesses. His uncompromising 'tell it how it is' style is born of a real care for businesses and their owners. He cuts through lots of the hype and overcomplicated advice to deliver something that entrepreneurs actually can grasp and address - their way. His books - quite rightly - make you stop, re-evaluate and act."
Rasheed Ogunlaru, author, A Zest For Business

"Grow Your Service Firm is a practical guide to business growth for busy professionals. Robert Craven gives straightforward, proven advice - based on many years of helping service providers to attract and keep customers. This book contains checklists and ideas which can be put to use immediately and it is written in an approachable and easy to read style." 
Nigel Temple, CEO, The Marketing Compass

"Loads of small business tips!"
Ash Mashhadi

"After reading the book, I have already changed made my one minute into (what I say when people ask "what do you do?") to be less about me and more about meeting their needs. And that is the focus of the book. As he says don't ask "how do I sell?", but instead ask "why do people buy?".

From the one minute brand test to the 90 marketing questions, this is packed with a toolkit of tools and techniques for you to use. Find out how to become an expert, be different, make yourself stand out and, as a result, be able to charge more for your services."

Henry Stewart, author, The Happy Manifesto

"This is the book I looked for but couldn't find when I set my company up 12 years ago."
Martin, (Review taken from Amazon)

"I've read hundreds of business books during my career but this one leaves the rest standing. It was as absorbing as any book can be which is unexpected for the genre; most business books being either technical and turgid or rejigged versions of existing books with poached concepts. Robert gives the sort of advice that can be acted upon - it is direct, practical and motivational. I've lent my copy to a friend but I'm regretting that now and can't wait to get it back. I'll be ordering more from this author."
Elaine, (Review taken from Amazon)

"Lots of rubbish "Biz Books" out there. THIS ONE is the real deal."
Paula MacArthur, The Mastermind Agency

"It’s one of the most useful books I’ve read, I feel as though I should give it to my clients so that they can greater understand how positioning yourself as the expert... will really drive customers to your door."
Bridget Greewnwood,

"Seeing as I'm working hard to grow and develop a business that provides a valuable service to it's clients, as soon as I saw the title of Robert's latest book I was keen to read it.

Having been impressed with Robert's no-nonsense approach to business growth at various seminars and workshops in the past, I am pleased to say that he offers more of the same in this book... It's already given me some simple, practical ideas that I've started to implement. I've since passed the book to my co-director and we will compare notes and ideas once he's read it."

Steve Witkiewicz, Managing Director, B2B Sales Solutions Ltd

"If I am going to take the time to read something, I want a book which engages me, asks some uncomfortable questions to spur me on and be honest about my failings, and a book which calls me to action and boy did we get it with 'Grow Your Service Firm' by Robert Craven."
Alison, (Review taken from Amazon)

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Author:  Robert Craven
Publish Date: November 2011  
List price:  £14.99.
ISBN: 1780590881
Edition:  1st
Binding:  paperback

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Inspirational, innovative and passionate. Robert manages to combine good common sense information on business with a light and humorous approach. Nobody falls asleep when Robert is on his feet. I've always enjoyed working with him. Denis Palmer