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Books By Robert Craven

Stop The Press - Just Launched

New edition of Customer Is King has been published with a foreword by Sir Richard Branson - now available on Kindle.

Robert Craven's Books

Robert’s work on marketing (Bright Marketing and Customer Is King) and strategy (Kick-Start Your Business) are business best-sellers and have been acted upon by thousands of growing businesses - he has been described as 'one of the UK's leading marketing specialists' and 'Mr Entrepreneur'.

Grow Your Service Firm

Grow Your Service Firm BookRobert Craven's new book Grow Your Service Firm has been published by Crimson.

To find out more go to the Grow Your Service Firm Book page.

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Beating the Credit Crunch

The aim of this book is simple – to show you how to trade your way out of the credit crunch; to make money and get on with your life.

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Bright Marketing

Bright Marketing

Based on a series of award-winning workshops, Bright Marketing reveals that in a world where much is the same, your business needs to be a bit different in order to stand out from the crowd.

This revolutionary book shows you how you can apply simple practical changes to your business to ensure its success!

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Kick-Start Your Business

Kick Start Your BusinessThis book is aimed at helping owner-managers and business advisers to maximise business potential. The emphasis is on practicality.

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Customer Is King

Customer is KingThis practical hands-on book is for anyone running a business, or for professional marketers who have found that their methods don’t work anymore. Now Available On Kindle


'Robert Craven’s Kick-Start Your Business covers an essential part of running a business…
which will turn your business into a powerhouse by recovering some of the passion and nimbleness…
to make your business more effective and more profitable…
the business in question often needs a boost – a kick-start to greater success in the future.’

Sir Richard Branson


‘These two books are essential reading for the entrepreneur…’
Professional Consultancy Magazine


‘Inspirational stuff’
Christopher Browne,
The Top Ten Business Books,
The Independent.



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The Start-Up Essays

The Start-up Essays

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‘In Customer Is King, Robert Craven says that your ‘whole business hinges on what your customer gets from you’.  I agree wholeheartedly…’
Sir Richard Branson

‘Your book has proved to be absolutely invaluable to me...
easy to read and understand, gives practical examples and tips and is, above all, simple!...
I would highly recommend your book to anyone who is needing to give a new lease of life to an established business. Well done.’
Jennifer Lindley, Continual Process Improvements Limited



‘I thought you might like to know that your book has just saved my life!
Here I am, deadline looming, late at night putting together a plan for how we are going to develop a 3-yr strategy.
All of a sudden, I pick up your book and find your 100-day workout. An excellent and extremely practical guide.
Just what I needed to check I don't miss any steps.
Thank you!’

Charlie Osmond, FreshMinds

Review by the Institute of Management Consultancy

Kick Start Your BusinessKick-start your Business - Customer is KingCustomer is King

by Robert Craven

These two books are essential reading for the entrepreneur whether just starting out in business or evaluating progress at a later stage.

The first book offers a practical hands-on approach to putting a business in order by effectively examining the businesses strengths and weaknesses and then implementing an action plan to set it on a more profitable route.

Robert Craven is one of the UK’s best-known and sought after speakers on entrepreneurship; anyone who has experienced one of his impactive presentations will know exactly why.

He has been described as one of the UK’s leading marketing specialists, and reading the second book, ‘Customer is King’ illustrates his ability to explain complex marketing issues in an easy-to-understand and practical way. Indeed, there is a strong marketing flavour in both books; but the ‘Customer is King’ as its name implies, focuses on this aspect of business and offers the reader a good understanding of positioning a business to optimum effect in the marketplace.

‘Kick Start Your Business’ is more of a fine tuning action plan for busy entrepreneurs to examine their business practices and their values to ensure their organisation is running effectively and working ‘smarter not harder’. It gives check-lists of activities that most entrepreneurs will recognise as sound business sense and it is useful to have all these ideas listed in one source.

The book is easy to read and can be ‘dipped into’ or alternatively there is a detailed action plan to guide the entrepreneur along a route towards greater productivity and profitability. Case studies are included along the way to illustrate that the ideas have worked successfully in practice; there are also examples where less successful organisations could have improved their situation by use of the techniques.

Overall, these two books, which are published within a larger series of business books, are excellent value for their advice, tools and techniques, written in helpful non-technical language; I challenge every entrepreneur not to find a new idea or improved business process inside their covers to improve their own business.



  • Business Gurus
    3 chapters are written by Robert Craven
  • Be Clear - How To Communicate Successfully
    by Christine Searancke - Foreword by Robert Craven
  • 20/20 Insight
    by Rachel Thackeray - Series Editor: Robert Craven
  • Doing The Business
    by David Hall - Series Editor: Robert Craven
  • The Bottom Line
    by Paul Barrow - Series Editor: Robert Craven
  • Do Something Different
    by Jurgen Wolf - Series Editor: Robert Craven
  • It's Not About Size
    by Paul Dickinson - Series Editor: Robert Craven
  • The Best Laid Plans
    by Paul Barrow - Series Editor: Robert Craven
  • PR Power
    by Amanda Barry - Series Editor: Robert Craven





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Inspirational, innovative and passionate. Robert manages to combine good common sense information on business with a light and humorous approach. Nobody falls asleep when Robert is on his feet. I've always enjoyed working with him. Denis Palmer