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Frequently Asked Questions About Robert Craven

what is RObert known for?

       He challenges his audiences to run a better business - he shows you no-nonsense methods that work!

Two Sentences to describe robert?

  1. Challenging, honest, goading, practical, hands-on, results-focused
  2. Free of business school claptrap!

What makes Robert Craven different?

  • He has 'been there and done it'
  • He has a unique 'ology' - a tried and tested formula to help grow businesses
  • He has the track record as well as the testimonials and endorsements to support him.

What problems do robert's clients face?

There are too many mediocre consultants that:

  • Don't really understand what the client is feeling
  • Recycle old ideas badly
  • Have no depth or credibility
  • Try to blind you with science
  • Behave like second-hand car salesmen chasing the next sale.

Robert does none of these things.


What are the benefits of working with Robert Craven?

  • You are given the tools to run a better business
  • You take control
  • You get results, results, results... for you and your business.

 Why do clients work with robert?

       Clients work with Robert because he is challenging, honest and goading... you get straightforward, no-nonsense solutions to your problems.

What are Robert's core Areas of Expertise?

  • Strategy,
  • Marketing, and
  • Teams

for growing businesses.


What is robert's Style and Philosophy?

  To be honest, challenging, goading - there to work with the client to achieve business results. "the Jamie Oliver of the business consulting world!"

What is this ‘ology’ you keep referring to?

      A set of simple, yet powerful, tools that have been proven to work.  The unique Kick-Start, Customer Is King,
More Profit
and Bright Marketing toolkits are copyrighted and only available via Robert Craven and The Directors' Centre.

how do you Position Robert Craven?

  He is informal, practical and results-driven.

what is Robert's focus?

  Entrepreneurship and Results.

What Is The Directors' Centre? who runs the Company?


The company is led by Robert Craven … What he brings to The Directors' Centre is:

  • A reputation (‘the entrepreneurship guru’ The FT, ‘one of the UK’s leading marketing experts’)
  • Written materials and proven, practical tools: books with Forewords by Sir Richard Branson Kick-Start Your Business and Customer Is King.

Who does The Directors' Centre work with?

  Ambitious owners, directors, and entrepreneurs of growing businesses. Typically they are 5-200 employees… growing... independently owned... face issues around growth… strategy, marketing and teams. See Clients Who We Work With

can you name some clients that i will have heard of?


We have also worked with some of the big names, bringing nimbleness and innovation to their teams and their to their clients:

  • Airbus
  • Barclays Bank plc
  • DTI/SBS/Business Link
  • HSBC
  • Marketing Council/Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Mortgage Express
  • Royal Mail
  • Royal Shakespeare Theatre
  • Shell
  • UfI/LearnDirect

some definitions..

Director (noun)

- one who directs; manager, member of the board which manages a company; spiritual adviser; person who supervises the production of a play or film; (mech) part of a machine or instrument which guides the motion.

Centre (noun)

- middle point; axis about which a body revolves; most vital part of an organisation, movement etc; part of a target; (sport) player in the middle of a line; ~ centre v/t and i place on or in the centre; (fig) concentrate (hopes, affections); be concentrated together, converge  ~ centre adj middle, central.

The Penguin English Dictionary

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Inspirational, innovative and passionate. Robert manages to combine good common sense information on business with a light and humorous approach. Nobody falls asleep when Robert is on his feet. I've always enjoyed working with him. Denis Palmer